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Adonis Model Training Academy is now live! All Existing Adonis Casting (AC) and Potential AC Models are encouraged to ENROLL!! The course is FREE for Adonis Casting Models (that includes both AC in-Studio & work remote Models) who can now complete their theoretical training from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. The affordable tuition for non AC Models includes (Budget Air/Hotel Accommodations to/in Los Angeles for a 1 week intense theoretical classroom training and one week working directly with the performer for the entire shift duration. Classroom Experience features an interactive learning environment complete with situation role playing, character development, style advice, posing and body awareness, plus practical training & best practices and if that was not enough… Training includes a variety of informative work shops focused on topics from skin care to lighting, as well as traditional topics such as hair, nails & makeup to Sound Engineering your space!) The course also features a photo & introduction video shoot which will produce photos and an introductory video for your profile.

Upon Graduation; every model who completes training will receive a set of AMTA Certified Model Credentials which identifies you as a priority model for networks to feature you when your online. if you like, we can get you a plaque too, but more importantly you will leave with the the knowledge and tools needed to succeed. As a graduate, you will be entitled to ongoing follow up coaching. AMTA also offers goal tracking & progress reports as a service to all graduates. AC Models who enroll in the World Class training program unmatched by any webcam school or model certification program. We accept models from anywhere as long as they are authorized to travel in or to Los Angeles, USA. Adonis Studios has and will provide you with an access to all the information you require for the course at your fingertips from your mobile device or desk top computer; what you do with this knowledge is up to you. Class size is limited due to the various practical training sections which do have an in classroom requirement for these lessons simply because it makes interacting with fellow classmates and instructors much easier and less time consuming.

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Adonis Training
Bringing the elegance and personalities of impeccable men together with the best broadcast technology is sure to creates a dynamic destined to meet success. When the networks deliver software and users receive a fluid interaction, the reaction–explosive. Resetting the bar changes the expectations of users, but ONLY by raising this bar will we force ourselves to be better. We can never become complacent or all the strategy in the world wont make a difference. When you equip service oriented professionals with the knowledge and tools they need your audience will enjoy in a state of awe. Regardless of what you do, this application to a unique World Class Vocational Program will likely change the very nature of your world not just the way you live your day to day life. Just $5,599.99 $3499.99 for a limited time! FREE for Adonis Casting in Studio Models! ENROLL NOW!!

What are you waiting for? Some guy dressed in spandex from outer space to fly into your window tonight to rescue you from your problems? Stop making excuses and rationalizing failure and make a positive change in your life today.

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Tell us more about yourself and why you are interested in sharing your unique personality with the world. Why should we accept your application for the Training Academy? Include any lasting impressions that you may not have shared until now. Think about what makes you special. What do you offer the world that is interesting and provides value? It doesn’t always need to be about you; however, it should be relevant to your character.
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