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Curriculum Topics or Class Sections

Welcome to Your Future…. What YOU can expect.

Adonis Model Training Academy is now live and the Adonis Model Training Academy (AMTA) Course is Now Digital to help preserve the environment. No Wasting Excessive Paper!! All Existing Adonis Casting (AC) and Potential AC Models are encouraged, by encouraged we mean required, to ENROLL!! The course is FREE for Adonis Casting Models (AC in-Studio Models) who can now complete their theoretical training from their mobile phones or desktop computers. The affordable tuition for non AC Models includes (Budget Air/Hotel Accommodations to Los Angeles, 1 week intense theoretical classroom training including role plays, style advice, and a variety of other consultations from skin care to hair, nails & makeup!) After a model completes training they are entitled to ongoing follow up coaching and goal tracking progress reports. Models who enroll in the new training program can come from anywhere as long as they are authorized to travel in or to Los Angeles, USA. Adonis Studios has and will provide you with an elite all access pass to a treasure trove of information, knowledge and the experience. YOU will have everything you need to succeed as you venture into this new career right at your fingertips from your mobile device or desk top computer. Class sizes are limited and do have an in class room requirement for some sections.

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Basics to being a great model are simple, logical and absolutely required…

Adonis Training Course Outline: The following Sections MUST all be completed and passed in order for models to continue to the “online” portion of training. Knowledge is Power, wield yours wisely…

Are you willing to go the distance.

Model Basics & Best Practices, Your Best Face Forward:

There is an art to being a good performer regardless of genre or talent. It doesn’t matter if you are a Character Model, A Body Type, or Fetish Performance Artist you must first understand yourself and your limits. Then by communicating consistently and with confidence you will not just steal the show, baby you will Own It!!

Practical Training & Technical Knowledge:

A wise man once said, you would never give the Ferrari Keys to a 16 year old who just passed the Road Test! You will understand how everything works before you go online. Understanding how the interfaces work allows you to confidently approach your members.
“It does not matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.” ~confusions

Business Basics: Independent Contractors & How it Works:

Starting your own business has advantages like being your own boss. It also has some disadvantages like having to work twice as hard and being accountable to yourself. It is not for everyone, but for those who make it work. The World is their Oyster.

It’s the DNA: Exploring the Six Reasons Men Spend Money?!?what Cultural, Social and Economic factors drive male behavior.

Most good products have at least one to two of the reasons men spend money. A great product perhaps three or even four. Our product delivers all 6 reasons and as a result is ADDICTIVE!! Come learn how you can benefit from this knowledge.

Role Play Scenarios:

The Charmer: Role Play

Lock Up Your Wallets!!!! Let’s do some role play. This is your chance to work on on one with your trainer to see how you would handle various scenarios with an average or even obscure member. Can you stand the heat? Or will you need to leave the kitchen? Role Play exercises can be intense as they are in hands on environment.

The Seducer: Make You Believe

This is gonna be a night to remember… The good the bad and the ugly. Time to review your fellow colleagues and tell us what is good bad and not so good about 15 to 20 performers you found online. Are you feeling welcome in their room? Do you want to take them private?

Sr. Pappi Sean DeSantos – Keys to Success: “Confidence, Communication & Consistency.”

The Resident DIVA!!! His words, not ours, and we love him for it. Sean would tell you, Confidence is key, but arrogance is usually a bit too much for most. Remember you have to give to get and being likable and attractive people are naturally inclined to do things for you. Still, the members want to see you are here because you enjoy it. Not just for the money. Come up with 10 Ideas for Group and Featured Shows.

Nathan Klein

The All American Boy Next Door. Learn from your colleagues. Follow their good examples and avoid their mistakes… Manage your expectations and do NOT be so hard on yourself for a bad day. Why punish yourself? We do not memorialize our bad days and same time should not overly celebrate our most excellent ones either. Beating your Record or Surpassing a Goal now that is something to celebrate.

Do It My Way!

The Bossy Betty Strikes Again. You can’t scare an escort with a penis, but at the same time the person paying has the opinion. Sometimes we have to understand, however, that the only thing we control is our reaction. Always carry yourself with pride and keep your chin held high. That said, if the first thing I suggest to you try and it works, you must do EVERYTHING I say for the next 90 days.

Positive Habits Bring Great Results.

Be Yourself; Live Your Best Life!

When it is all said and done and you look back. Will you smile if that moment were right now? Think about all the beautiful things you have done, created, exposed yourself to or shared with the world. Are you proud of what you have achieved or do you think that your story still has a lot to be written? If you are not done writing then indeed, Be Yourself, live your best life and every day try to be a little better than the day before. Choose yourself first, after all everyone else is already taken…